Talent Opportunities

Okay, show us what you’ve got…

We are looking for Bedtime Story Readers, Radio Theater Actors, Sound Effect people, Producers, Writers, etc. Just about any Talent that is used in creating great radio. If you’ve got it, we can find a home for you in our little troupe.

Alas, we have no money. What we do have is exposure, a warm and receptive audience where you can hone your craft and get a good feeling that you are helping families who really need some brightness in their day. If you are studying the Performing Arts as an Undergraduate or Graduate student, we would be happy to work with your school to see if your efforts with us could translate into academic credits.

We are restricting our call for Talent to the Boston area for now. All Podcasts are produced at our Wellesley offices.

If you feel you are “Ready for your close-up…” (not sure that works for Podcasts), send us your CV and a brief description of your interests, and we’ll be in touch.


If your Administrative Assistant is out pitching their treatment for a new show to the local network affiliates, feel free to call the KWM Studios at 617-906-6667 (MOMS) Ext 5.

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