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What is a Sometimes Mom?

A Sometimes Mom is a very special person. This woman is very in touch with her maternal instincts. She has to stop whenever she sees a little baby to comment how cute they are (and maybe steal a subtle wiff of that new baby smell…).

She will cross the street if she sees a child crying on the other side to see if she can help. She will jump over cars to get to that same child if they are about to do something risky or dangerous (like wander into that same street).

Simply put, they are the superhero’s of children everywhere. My son and I have a Sometimes Mom. We call her “Wendy Poppins,” and she has been a real godsend for our little tribe.

Sometimes life’s circumstances can keep these women from fully utilizing their naturally present super powers as a Mom. This is why the KWM Sometimes Mom program was created.

Sometimes Moms are people who are willing to devote some of their free time helping families trying to find their way without a Mom in the house (how much is totally up to them). Our program is 100% online and we are very focused on the safety of all our participants.

If you think you are up for a challenging and uplifting experience, the link below provides a simple online application. After submission, your application will be reviewed by one of our Counselors. We will contact you for a face to face video session to discuss the program in greater detail and answer any questions you may have.

If everything checks out, you will be given a User ID and a Password that will allow you access to the Sometimes Mom/Families part of a KWM sister website. There you will be invited to fill out a profile page and upload some pictures showing you and how you like to live your life. Importantly, this is not a dating site for Dads looking for full time Moms! Your identity, location and contact information will be completely protected.

KWM Families will explore the profiles available for Sometimes Moms and Sometimes Moms candidates will do the same for the KWM Family profiles. If you find a profile you like, express an interest. The families will do the same. If there is a match, KWM will arrange a group video call so the parties can meet online with a KWM Moderator. After the initial meeting, the same KWM Moderator will circle back to the respective parties and see if there is still mutual interest.

If there continues to be interest, The Sometimes Mom will attend a short online training class with one of our moderators. The Sometimes Families will attend a similar training session. Then, alias contact information will be exchanged and the parties will be invited to contact each other and start setting up times to meet online to get better acquainted. As a Sometimes Mom, you are a resources for the children and the Dad. Your advice and objective opinions will be valued by the Dads and your sympathetic “Mom-like” ear will be a safe place for kids to go for advice, or just to vent.

If you think you are up for the challenge and similarly uplifting experience, please click the link below and fill out the application. There are no fees for any participant in this program and we honor our Sometimes Moms every Mother’s day with a small gift and an opportunity to be voted Sometimes Mom of the Year, as determined by a popular vote of the KWM kids based on essays submitted by the kids about their Sometimes Moms. We can’t promise any of that new baby smell, but we can promise the opportunity to touch the heart of a child who needs you and the feeling of love that flows from the experience.

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