Kids’ Court

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Having a dispute with Dad? Do you think you are right but you can’t get anyone to listen to you? Then Kids’ Court might be just the place for you make your case.

In this KWM Podcast Show, we bring in kids and their dad’s (or primary caregivers) and allow them to present their case before an enlightened and experienced adjudicator of kids’ grievances — one of our own “Sometimes Moms“. The parties to the action may plead their case in person at the KWM studios in Wellesley, or over the phone. Either way, it will be part of what promises to be a sometimes hilarious, but always informative, exploration of Parent/Child conflict resolution.

Each party must agree in advance to follow the ruling of the Court. Mark Koob serves as the Court’s Bailiff, enforcing all of the courtroom’s procedural rules and judgements. He will also report back the results of previous judgements and the performance of the sentence rendered by the Court.

It promises to be great fun hearing the kids plead their cases and, of course, the rebuttal by the dads. The best part may be  the ruling by the Judge, which is always wise and Loving…:-)

If you feel you have a case you would like to present to the Court, send us an email describing the conflict to Remember, you and your dad have to agree to abide by the ruling of the Court — just like in real life!


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Kids’ Court – The Case of the Minecraft Meanie — Ep. 001

Tiagan takes his Dad to Court in the case of the Minecraft Meanie...

Tiagan takes his Dad to Court in the case of the Minecraft Meanie…

In our first episode of Kids’ Court, Tiagan is “Jonsen for Justice” and can’t wait to take his Dad to Court to get some relief from all the Minecraft restrictions he must endure. He’s feeling pretty confident too, since the judge is his own “Sometimes Mom”, Wendy Fox.

Can justice truly be blind, or is Dad about to get railroaded with all the cards stacked against him?