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 Meet Wendy Fox…


Wendy is one of my best friends in the world, and the inspiration for our Sometimes Mom program. She is my son’s Sometimes Mom and he is over the moon about having her in his life. She is an incredible woman with seemingly unlimited maternal bandwidth and a profound mind cloaked with a searing wit.

When Wendy and I meet at the Kitchen Table, it is usually a lot of laughs as she coaches me on my parenting and we exchange stories about our kids (she has three). We also discuss life, politics and include segments in the show like, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts Reading the News, #Dad Quit It, Live Movie Tweets and more.

If you enjoy watching a woman make fun of a man (and really, can we ever get enough of that?) and hearing the addictive sounds of children laughing, please join us. This one promises to be a lot of fun.


Recent Episodes/Posts from the Kitchen Table

Around The Kitchen Table Eps. # 6 — Managing Media and Kids with Dr. Michael Rich

Dr. Michael Rich Center on Media and Child Health

Dr. Michael Rich

First things first — Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you enjoy this day and celebrate your Mom in person or through your memories. Have a day of great joy and happiness! No one will ever love you like your Mom loves you.

We have a very special episode for you on this very special day. We are joined on this podcast with Dr. Michael Rich, MD and Director of Boston Children’s Hospital Center on Media and Child Health ( Dr. Rich helps us unpack the implications of the morass of media choices facing our kids and some ways to think about how best to help them make smart choices on their own.

No parent ever has been confronted with the challenges of today’s hyper-linked world where soon everyone will have a computer in their pocket. Dr. Rich and his team at Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School are trying to develop the best answers using science with a sharp eye on what the future still has in store for us and our kids.

Michael is also a bona fide Mediatrician® perhaps the first in the world! Click on the link and ask your questions, you won’t be disappointed. While you’re at it, feel free to ask him about his “premed” studies in Hollywood as a filmmaker.

He’s definitely the guy you would want at your next dinner party…




Around the Kitchen Table Eps. #5 — Self-Esteem vs Self-Confidence

Meet the Fox and the Bardos kids.

Meet and greet the Bardos and the Fox kids.

In this episode, we cover a topic that has been very important to Wendy for some time — Self-Esteem versus Self-Confidence. We asked Emma and Finn Fox as well as Isabella and Eric Bardos to join us in helping to unpack this issue and understand what it means to kids in today’s world. Emma and Finn also update us on March Madness, the Boston Bruins and the Celtics.

While you faithful listeners know the amazing Fox kids from earlier AKT shows, we were very fortunate to have the Bardos kids join us for this episode. Isabella is a gifted dancer (currently recovering from a significant injury this year). Eric is a very talented singer (and one of my son’s best friends).

What I really enjoy about these Bardos kids is their global sensitivities. They are both multi-lingual with dual citizenships in Canada and Hungry. They have seen more of the world than I even knew existed when I was their age. On top of it all, they have a deadly sense of humor (particularly Isabella….)

After touching on our kids’ April Fools pranks initiatives, we start with a panel discussion of self-esteem vs. self-confidence. The variety of everyone’s views was fascinating, particularly given how often these words are thrown around by educators and the media. I’m not sure anyone convinced anyone else to change their opinions on the subject. But it was instructive to hear all the different perspectives and how they changed based on the person’s age.

`We then played a round of “Is it Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence or just Plain Wrong?”. Again, very little consensus.

I think the only area of complete agreement in this show is that when you ask a kid how they are, or how their day was, they will always answer “Good”… Ugh, so annoying…

Irrespective of the absence of a majority opinion, Wendy and I  always enjoy when we have kids in the studio. Hope you do as well.

Around the Kitchen Table Eps. 003 — Feb 10, 2016 “Is it Swiss, or a miss” — REVISED —

The Women of Switzerland

The Women of Switzerland

Today’s episode was recorded on our first snow day of the year with an office full of kids. Sorry about the background noise, and the fact that I sound like I’ve been lowered into a well with a mic sent down to me. We’ll sort that out for the next episode.

It is a very special episode for us because we are visited by Tiagan’s cousins from Switzerland. Shelly, Rowena and Mimi range in age from 22 to 26. They are Tiagan’s favorite cousins and he is always through the roof when any of them come for a visit. Shelly and Rowe are both Psychology students (Shelly Undergrad/Univ of Pennsylvania and Rowe Grad/Univ. of Geneva) and they are very helpful contributing to our conversation about “This week in parenting” as I talk about my epiphany regarding Minecraft and Wendy talks about “the teenage years”. The Bonnet women share with us some of the cultural differences in parenting. Mimi (an award winning graphic designer and photographer) shares her perspective as the eldest when they all recount their years as teenagers in Switzerland.

We also check the ladies on their knowledge of their homeland with a quick game of “Is it Swiss, or a miss?”

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I forgot to give out Mimi’s website as promised during the podcast.  If you get a chance, check it out, especially the photo essay on the wall separating the Protestants and the Catholics in Northern Ireland. It is called the Peace Wall. This girl’s got serious creative game…

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Around the Kitchen Table with Mark & Wendy Ep. 002

The Koobs and the Foxes regroup for another episode of Around the Kitchen Table with Mark & Wendy

The Koobs and the Foxes regroup for another episode of “Around the Kitchen Table with Mark & Wendy”


In this week’s edition of Around the Kitchen Table, Mark and Wendy discuss their week or so since the last podcast including learning how to “co-parent” after a divorce. Wendy then takes us through the latest in the Boston real estate market and Mark talks about some development issues with the KWM “Sometimes Mom” program.

Emma and Finn Fox join us for a review of the weeks NFL playoff action and then Tiagan joins the group to help us play a round of Seriously Siri where Mark becomes a bit unnerved when he sees first hand the relationship between Wendy and her “male” version of Siri…

Around the Kitchen Table — Ep. 001 January 4, 2016


The first episode of Around the Kitchen Table with Mark & Wendy from KWM studios is “in the can” (so to speak…).

We hope you enjoy it. We certainly had a blast making it. Please forgive our rookie production mistakes. Our learning curve is quite steep at the moment.

In this episode, we give the history (however brief) of the Kids Without Moms Non-Profit. Mark takes you through the website and the different aspects of the KWM initiative. We also get to present Wendy Fox, my son’s “Sometimes Mom”, a close personal friend and a big part of the KWM initiative.

Also present in the studio are the Fox kids, Amelia, Emma and Finn. Amelia is a Producer for our KWM Theater of the Mind channel and she will share her vision with you for what we think will be great entertainment produced by kids, for kids. Finally, Tiagan Koob is also present (but a bit shy on his first podcast). KWM was his idea and he and I are partners in the endeavor.

Finally, we are treated to Sports Corner with Emma and Finn where they share their deep thoughts about the Super Bowl (spoiler alert: not only do they pick the teams for this year’s Super Bowl they also pick the winner). I know I’ve got my bet down! Additionally, they share some thoughtful observations about the NBA’s marketing and its impact on kids just falling in love with the game. We wrap up with some New Year’s resolutions and a promise that our next podcast will be better than our last.

Leave us a comment on the Show’s Blog or drop by Twitter or Instagram to let us know what you think.

Welcome to Air KWM  — we hope you enjoy the ride!


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