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There are about two million children in the U.S. living in a household without a mom.

We are a 501 c (3) nonprofit dedicated to providing innovative, creative and fun support to the members of these households. Kids Without Moms (KWM) will provide a gender and age specific safe place online for them to meet with kids of similar circumstances across the country.  We provide these online groups free of charge and supervised by trained and qualified moderators to allow kids to share their experiences and to hear possible solutions from peers who have confronted similar situations in their lives.

The grief of losing a mom is a lifelong challenge, which is revisited with every new developmental stage in a child’s life.

We also provide services for dads and grandparents who also find themselves in the unexpected role of sole/primary caregiver. Please take a moment to explore the resources of the Man Cave, our Sometimes Mom program and the KWM Studios podcast schedule.

Around 2 Million Kids in the U.S.
Grow Up Without A Mom

You Can Help Make A Difference

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