Mother’s Day

No Longer a Difficult Time of the Year

If you are like me, Mother’s Days became a very different deal after my son’s mother passed. It was not an event I looked forward to and it was not a day that elicited much conversation from my son.

At KWM, we are committed to turning that all around. Mother’s Day is now our favorite time of the year. In 1914 Woodrow Wilson, at the constant urging of Anna Jarvis, proclaimed the second Sunday in May as a day set aside for the celebration of mothers (or their memory…). That last part was our embellishment.

We have already begun planning for Mother’s Day, 2016. It will be our Marques Event of the Year! We will find a way to celebrate all of our Member’s Moms, all of our Sometimes Moms and all of our other Stakeholders that have helped make KWM a reality.

Stay tuned to this space as the plans for our First Annual Mother’s Day Gala Event unfold. We will set up a blog for suggestions and comments and welcome your input.

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