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Trying to be the best Dad you can for your kids is a full time job. Trying to make up for a missing Mom (especially when you are dealing with your own grief) can be overwhelming.

The KWM Man Cave is dedicated to those Dads who want to do the best they can for their kids.

Let’s start with a few Single Dad commandments:

1. Thou shalt not try to replace Mom. First of all, it can’t be done. Moms have special connections to their kids (just like Dads do), and you can’t replace that space in your children’s hearts. By the way, they don’t expect you to.

2. Thou shalt acknowledge there are emotional things you can do, and emotional things that might be a real stretch. Helping your child overcome a loss at a sporting event will probably come easier to you than helping your teenage daughter make it through the breakup of (what she is convinced) is her only true love — a guy you probably didn’t particularly like at that.

3. Thou shalt remember your kids need, above all else, to feel safe. They have experienced a tremendous loss. The primary team that was to keep them safe through life has been cut in half. Never do anything (especially in a heated moment) that makes them feel vulnerable or that your love and support is ever “negotiable.”

The next time you feel you are “messing up” as a parent, come and reread these three commandments.

The fact that you are here means you are probably already a great Dad. Remember, KWM has Hangouts for Dads where you get to share your stories and maybe pick up a few strategies for dealing with things that haven’t appeared yet, but probably will.

Featured below is the Man Cave Bookshelf. We put articles here (usually written for Moms) that provide helpful ideas. These are what woman are so good at, sharing among themselves, while men typically never think to ask (sort of like asking for directions….). Ever consider hosting a makeover party for your daughter? Read how one Dad did it and really rocked the house.

Also, there is a Man Cave Blog. This is a place to post your questions and to offer advice. This Forum is not restricted to men, but it is for men. We welcome women of experience to offer their advice and counsel as well. It’s all about the kids.

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