Ken and Mark Marquis

The Dad’s Man Cave is on the Map!

Welcome to the first episode of the Dad’s Man Cave. Dedicated to the single parent Dads trying do the best they can for their kids.

I am so happy to start the Man Cave run by setting the bar very high with our special guest, Ken Barringer. Ken is truly an expert on loss ( a title I felt I held until today based on my stock market portfolio’s performance…).

Ken has dedicated his life to helping kids deal with all kinds of loss, be it a parent, a boyfriend, a setback at school, a family relocation etc., some of which he calls disenfranchised losses. He found his calling early in life (middle school) and has been making a real impact in the world ever since.

Ken’s credentials are as impressive as he is articulate. He’s the Director of the Academy of Physical and Social Development in Newton, in addition to teaching Group Counseling at Boston College and managing a thriving private practice.

Ken conducted a real clinic for me covering how we, as Dads, can be on the lookout for the five ways our kids can signal us they are suffering at the moment (I was only looking out for one of these). The importance of accepting pain, but avoiding suffering. It was an amazing hour that I felt could have gone on much longer.

We took a couple of emails from listeners and played a quick round of “What would Jim Andersen do?”. Jim was the star of the 50’s and 60’s show — Father Knows Best.

I hope you find this to be an hour well spent. It is exactly the kind of information and support we had in mind when we founded Kids Without Moms.