Become A Moderator

Become a Moderator

Kids Without Moms, Inc. is a 501 C (3) corporation that is constantly looking for Moderators for our KWM Hangouts and Sometimes Mom programs. If you are a licensed teacher, social worker, or a graduate Psychology student and are interested in children and tactics for dealing with grief, KWM might have a place for you. You can live anywhere in the US to be a KWM counselor, but our offices are in Wellesley, MA.  Working with KWM, you will be an Independent Contractor as defined by the IRS. Working with our head of Member Services, you will be assigned different age groups and genders where you will serve as a moderator for online sessions, lasting usually about an hour. You can perform this service from your own home, as long as you have a quiet place with a high speed internet connection, webcam and a headset. You will be compensated on a per completed session basis. You can schedule the Hangouts at your convenience, but with an eye for timeslots optimizing the chances for greatest possible participation – usually evenings or weekends.

You are not working as a therapist and your group members are not patients. You are a Group Moderator. You will control who can stay in the group and you have control over eliminating someone from the group for unacceptable behavior. You will be responsible for getting the group going and directing the conversation if you see it is wandering off track. All groups will be recorded and kept in a private historical archive.

You can decide when you want to Moderate based on your availability. As long as one person shows up for your group, you will get paid. If no one has signed up within 24 hours of the scheduled start of the group, you can cancel it at your discretion.

This is a great opportunity to supplement your income if you are a teacher, licensed therapist or social worker. If you are a student, KWM is willing to work with your School’s Administration to see if it is possible to secure school credits for your work with KWM.

Click below for the online app and instructions for uploading your CV. We’d love to talk with you. If you love kids, you will love the experience!

Become A Moderator

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