Dr. Michael Rich Center on Media and Child Health

Dr. Michael Rich

First things first — Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you enjoy this day and celebrate your Mom in person or through your memories. Have a day of great joy and happiness! No one will ever love you like your Mom loves you.

We have a very special episode for you on this very special day. We are joined on this podcast with Dr. Michael Rich, MD and Director of Boston Children’s Hospital Center on Media and Child Health ( Dr. Rich helps us unpack the implications of the morass of media choices facing our kids and some ways to think about how best to help them make smart choices on their own.

No parent ever has been confronted with the challenges of today’s hyper-linked world where soon everyone will have a computer in their pocket. Dr. Rich and his team at Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School are trying to develop the best answers using science with a sharp eye on what the future still has in store for us and our kids.

Michael is also a bona fide Mediatrician® perhaps the first in the world! Click on the link and ask your questions, you won’t be disappointed. While you’re at it, feel free to ask him about his “premed” studies in Hollywood as a filmmaker.

He’s definitely the guy you would want at your next dinner party…