Meet the Fox and the Bardos kids.

Meet and greet the Bardos and the Fox kids.

In this episode, we cover a topic that has been very important to Wendy for some time — Self-Esteem versus Self-Confidence. We asked Emma and Finn Fox as well as Isabella and Eric Bardos to join us in helping to unpack this issue and understand what it means to kids in today’s world. Emma and Finn also update us on March Madness, the Boston Bruins and the Celtics.

While you faithful listeners know the amazing Fox kids from earlier AKT shows, we were very fortunate to have the Bardos kids join us for this episode. Isabella is a gifted dancer (currently recovering from a significant injury this year). Eric is a very talented singer (and one of my son’s best friends).

What I really enjoy about these Bardos kids is their global sensitivities. They are both multi-lingual with dual citizenships in Canada and Hungry. They have seen more of the world than I even knew existed when I was their age. On top of it all, they have a deadly sense of humor (particularly Isabella….)

After touching on our kids’ April Fools pranks initiatives, we start with a panel discussion of self-esteem vs. self-confidence. The variety of everyone’s views was fascinating, particularly given how often these words are thrown around by educators and the media. I’m not sure anyone convinced anyone else to change their opinions on the subject. But it was instructive to hear all the different perspectives and how they changed based on the person’s age.

`We then played a round of “Is it Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence or just Plain Wrong?”. Again, very little consensus.

I think the only area of complete agreement in this show is that when you ask a kid how they are, or how their day was, they will always answer “Good”… Ugh, so annoying…

Irrespective of the absence of a majority opinion, Wendy and I  always enjoy when we have kids in the studio. Hope you do as well.