The Women of Switzerland

The Women of Switzerland

Today’s episode was recorded on our first snow day of the year with an office full of kids. Sorry about the background noise, and the fact that I sound like I’ve been lowered into a well with a mic sent down to me. We’ll sort that out for the next episode.

It is a very special episode for us because we are visited by Tiagan’s cousins from Switzerland. Shelly, Rowena and Mimi range in age from 22 to 26. They are Tiagan’s favorite cousins and he is always through the roof when any of them come for a visit. Shelly and Rowe are both Psychology students (Shelly Undergrad/Univ of Pennsylvania and Rowe Grad/Univ. of Geneva) and they are very helpful contributing to our conversation about “This week in parenting” as I talk about my epiphany regarding Minecraft and Wendy talks about “the teenage years”. The Bonnet women share with us some of the cultural differences in parenting. Mimi (an award winning graphic designer and photographer) shares her perspective as the eldest when they all recount their years as teenagers in Switzerland.

We also check the ladies on their knowledge of their homeland with a quick game of “Is it Swiss, or a miss?”

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I forgot to give out Mimi’s website as promised during the podcast.  If you get a chance, check it out, especially the photo essay on the wall separating the Protestants and the Catholics in Northern Ireland. It is called the Peace Wall. This girl’s got serious creative game…