The first episode of Around the Kitchen Table with Mark & Wendy from KWM studios is “in the can” (so to speak…).

We hope you enjoy it. We certainly had a blast making it. Please forgive our rookie production mistakes. Our learning curve is quite steep at the moment.

In this episode, we give the history (however brief) of the Kids Without Moms Non-Profit. Mark takes you through the website and the different aspects of the KWM initiative. We also get to present Wendy Fox, my son’s “Sometimes Mom”, a close personal friend and a big part of the KWM initiative.

Also present in the studio are the Fox kids, Amelia, Emma and Finn. Amelia is a Producer for our KWM Theater of the Mind channel and she will share her vision with you for what we think will be great entertainment produced by kids, for kids. Finally, Tiagan Koob is also present (but a bit shy on his first podcast). KWM was his idea and he and I are partners in the endeavor.

Finally, we are treated to Sports Corner with Emma and Finn where they share their deep thoughts about the Super Bowl (spoiler alert: not only do they pick the teams for this year’s Super Bowl they also pick the winner). I know I’ve got my bet down! Additionally, they share some thoughtful observations about the NBA’s marketing and its impact on kids just falling in love with the game. We wrap up with some New Year’s resolutions and a promise that our next podcast will be better than our last.

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Welcome to Air KWM  — we hope you enjoy the ride!


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